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Sound Designer, Composer, Violinist, and Digital Artist
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As an independent composer, sound designer, session violinist, and digital artist, I explore the depths of visuals, music, and sound through multimedia platforms such as video games, film/television, animations, and VR.

Whether through Video Games, Audio Books, Film/Television, or VR, I love working in integrative, or cross-disciplinary, environments dedicated to pushing the boundaries of interactivity and sensational immersion within media through auditory and visual expressions. 

Pursuing my interest, I attended Berklee College of Music, double majoring in Film Scoring and Electronic Production and Design while minoring in sound design, scoring, and audio implementation for video games. During my career at Berklee I participated in many on-campus and off-campus groups such as VGMC (Video Game Music Club), Berklee Sound Design Network, W.I.G (Women in Game) Boston, Game Audio Boston, and APPC (Audio Post Production Club) as well as eventually founded my own club named VGMOST (Video Game Music and Anime OST) dedicated to the composition, transcription, arrangement, and performance of Video Game and Anime Music.


I have participated in a variety of video game and film audio replacement, scoring, and implementation projects collaborating with universities such as USC (University of Southern California) and CSULB (Cal State University of Long Beach) and developed my own projects including Virtual Reality spaces and Interactive Digital Narratives incorporating spatial audio and composition techniques. I am current working as a sound assistant at Therapy Studios (CA) and Supervising Sound Designer at Franc Village Studios (MA)

Currently I continue to pursue my passion for audio while working as a sound design and mixing assistant at Therapy Studios in Culver City, CA.

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